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About Us

Our Story

Aboundant was created with the singular purpose of helping church organizations to effect discipleship in a world made uncertain by rapid technological advancement and shifting cultural norms. We looked at the technology available to churches at the time and knew God’s people could do better!

To that end, Aboundant was founded in 2014 by ordained Deacon, Wil Ranney. Initially we focused on church websites but quickly branched out to working with world-changing organizations on web design and development, branding, messaging, social media strategy, search engine optimization, and more.

Our mission going forward remains the same: to empower discipleship through technology. We want to help your organization to create a multitude of disciples of Jesus Christ that are actively engaged in mercy, justice, and a humble walk with their God.

Aboundant helps difference-making organizations to foster meaningful discipleship through the use of innovative technology.

How We Can Work Together

Our Values

A Focus on Discipleship

We understand that the purpose of a website is ultimately to help make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. We know you want to help people to do justice, love mercy, and to know and worship God. We hope to reflect this vision in everything we do.

Experience-based Ministry

At any given time, we have decades of ministry experience on hand. Our staff and board has included seminary grads, clergy, non-profit directors and board members, and denominational executives. This is in addition to our vast technological experience.

Anti-Discrimination Policies

We believe that God seeks to reconcile us with one another. So unlike some Christian software companies, we won’t threaten to terminate your service if we don’t agree with what you believe, provided you are not inciting harm.

Open Source Faith

Rather than relying on proprietary technology, we seek to pull resources from open source communities, and in turn to give back to these communities. We believe that this new way of sharing invites the Holy Spirit to be central to our development process.

People-Centered Ministry

Technology can empower individuals to be involved in ministry in new and exciting ways. This means shifting responsibility away from administrators and pastors while simultaneously giving greater agency to end users. We specialize in membership-friendly software for this reason.

Ethical Affordability

We believe in the value of hard work that is consistent with a Protestant work ethic. Thus, we seek to ensure that every dollar we receive will benefit you. We charge just and sustainable rates that we believe are below market value for the services rendered.

Who we serve


Religious Organizations

Nonprofit Organizations

Our Team

Rev. Wil Ranney

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Tim Gossett

Director of User Experience

Hannah Pederson

Operations Specialist

Andrew Olmstead

Web Developer

Irene Fulton

Web Designer

Luke Jones

Web Developer
Aboundant LLC is an extension ministry under the direction of United Methodist Deacon, William Ranney, as recognized by the Episcopal Office of the Iowa Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church and overseen by an Advisory Board in keeping with the United Methodist Discipline. Contact us if you require more information about Aboundant.

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