Announcing Our Boundless New Brand and Agency Website

by | Sep 30, 2020 | News about Aboundant

Exciting things are happening at Aboundant. We have a new brand, a new website, and a renewed commitment to helping difference-making organizations like yours.

Aboundant will now be the flagship brand for our work as a socially conscious, digital agency. Our agency hopes to expand our work with:

  • Social and Environmental Justice Movements
  • College and Educational Institutions
  • Political Candidates and Campaigns
  • Religious Organizations
  • Socially Responsible Businesses

This work includes the following types of services:

  • Interactive Websites
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Communications Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Coaching and Training

We will continue to deliver this work while maintaining our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, sponsoring staff volunteerism, and freely sharing our knowledge.

Aboundant's new logo. Where the b and o form an infinity sign.

Our new brand incorporates an infinity sign to signify God’s divine economy of unbound abundance, or we like to say, “God is aboundant.” Through God, we believe that a world full of justice and mercy is possible now, in all places. We seek to help organizations leverage technology to those ends.

You may be thinking at this point, “What about your church website platform? Isn’t it called Aboundant?” This change is just phase one. We are already working on an exciting new brand and website for our work with churches. In addition, we hope to offer churches more concierge services at an affordable rate. We want to be ministry partners in addition to being website providers.

Until we finish phase 2, our new site will be found at:

We’d like to thank the many people who contributed to, and gave feedback on, our new site: Rob Rynders, Christina Dillabough, Len Wilson, Celina Peerman, Eric Elnes, Floyd Thompkins, Corgi Bradbury, Chris Knudsen, Belinda Boelter, Ken Bedell, and Dani Gordon.

Some of the imagery on the site came from Unsplash, a wonderful free resource with open source licensing. We’d like to thank each of the artists whose images we used: Allie, Tim Mossholder, Brooke Cagle, John Schnobrich, Robert Katzki, and Juli Moreira. Because we value the work of contributors to open source communities, we will compensate each artist for their work.

By Wil Ranney
Rev. Wil Ranney is the CEO of Aboundant and an ordained Deacon in the Iowa Conference of the United Methodist Church.

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