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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Aboundant different from other church website companies?
Dozens of companies offer systems for churches, but Aboundant has some core differences that separate us from the pack.

  • By building upon the power of WordPress, we ensure your site is always built on a platform that is well-tested, continuously developed, up-to-date, and familiar to thousands of developers and graphic designers.
  • Unlike several church website companies, we have a non-discrimination policy when it comes to theology. So if you’re part of a progressive or mainline denomination that has found other Terms of Service to be too restrictive, you’ll feel right at home here.
  • Because there are thousands of plugins available for WordPress, we can pick and choose from the best features available. If there’s a feature you really need that isn’t built in to Aboundant, we might just be able to add it.
  • We know you don’t just need a website. Your church needs a web ministry. Half of our team have worked in churches, and two of us have seminary degrees in Christian Education. We’ve made it our goal to train you to continuously add new content and find new ways to expand your ministry through your site.

Learn more about what drives us and who we are here.

Does my site include a domain name and email?
More than 70% of churches already have a domain service provider, so we wanted to build a system that allows you to keep your domain right where it is and simply point it to your new site. We know, however, that this solution won’t work for everyone. Domain services providers such as GoDaddy and eNom provide superior service to any web-hosting company. We recommend that you transfer your domain to one of these providers.

If you’re buying a domain for the first time, we have built-in system that works with eNom. However, you are welcome to purchase the domain on your own from any domain merchant.

We also recommend that you keep your email service with your domain provider since they are so closely related. For that reason, Aboundant does not offer you email.

How can I move our existing content to Aboundant?
There is no silver bullet for transferring sites between hosts. However, our site creation tool, Launch Pad, makes it easy to recreate your existing site. Simply tell Launch Pad which pages to create, then cut and paste data from your existing site into the new site as you go along.

Transferring blog posts and media will require a more detailed solution. If your current site is on a WordPress platform, then you can use the WordPress import tool to bring in your data. If you are on another platform, contact support. There may still be a way to import all or most of your data.

Do you provide lots of design templates?
Instead of providing several stock designs, we offer one super-powerful template called Divi that is fully customizable. There are several reasons for this. Divi is:

  • widely used, strongly supported, and frequently updated
  • an easy-to-learn drag-and-drop page builder tool
  • responsive, so your site will look terrific on any device
  • clean and elegantly designed, so your site is easy to make beautiful
  • friendly to search engines
  • easy for graphic designers to customize, should you choose to hire one
  • compatible with most any plugin imaginable

If you want to check out Divi to see how it works, here’s a demo.

While we don’t provide pre-made templates, we do have a large variety of customizations you can perform, such as implementing a new color scheme and changing fonts or font sizes.

How easy is it to update an Aboundant website?
If you can use a word processor and a browser, you can easily learn to create pages and posts in Aboundant. Really, we promise it’s not hard! WordPress is used in nearly 25% of the world’s websites because it’s easy to use. Plus, we’ve taken steps to take a great system and streamline it, making it even easier to use.
Can multiple people create and edit the website?
If you truly hope to develop a web ministry, you’ll want to have multiple content authors and editors. Aboundant offers multiple permission levels on an individual user basis. That means, for example, you can give some staff full administrative access, other staff partial access to create, edit or delete content, and volunteers the ability to create but not edit or approve content.
How may I use your graphics?
Our Media collection is available for your organization to use just about anywhere you’d like to! Add it to your website, use it in worship slides, put it in your print publications, and so on. Using the images in multiple locations helps to tie together your communication efforts and messages.

Here’s a summary of your rights:

[yes] Use images on your website; no credit required.[yes] Use images in PowerPoint and worship software;no credit required.[yes] Use images in print publications that are freely distributed; no credit required.[yes] Use images in apps you create, provided you credit Aboundant LLC.[yes] Use edited images (e.g. with added text) in social media.[no] Give away images to others.[no] Resell any images.[no] Use images in materials for resale, such as T-shirts.

If you have any questions about permissions, please contact us.

What about backups?
Aboundant as a whole is backed up daily and can be easily restored if there is a catastrophic incident. Individual sites, however, are not backed up separately. Virtually none of our competition offer a backup service, though it’s a feature we’re interested in adding.
How secure is my website?
Any website is only as secure as the strength of your passwords, so the first line of defense is always for you to choose strong passwords for each user. The Aboundant system will help you to create a strong password.

Aboundant has several other security features in place to ensure that your site is unlike to be hacked. You can read about these technical details here.

We're a really tiny church. Can you give us a special price?
We work hard to keep our prices as low as possible. If you have a special circumstance, consider these easy fundraising ideas, which can both raise money and support for the website at the same time. If you’re still having trouble, contact us and we’ll try to work with you.
Do you offer an affiliate program?

We have information on our affiliate program here. You can earn $50 per customer you refer to us.

I really love Aboundant! Can I do something special for you?

Awww…we love you too! You’re awesome and we love your website!

Buying us a pizza is unfortunately out since we live in different towns, and we aren’t even all coffee fans. So, how about sending us a testimonial we can use on our site? Or sharing the love on your favorite social media site? We’re so glad you like us, and we’ll keep trying our best to make sure that never changes.

~ Wil, Greg, Tim, Andrew, Kristin & Lisa


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