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Featured Site: Horizons Stewardship

by | Jul 13, 2018 | Client Sites

Horizons Stewardship is among the largest church stewardship companies in the world, offering a full suite of services to help congregations inspire generosity. Their 35-member team is exceptionally experienced at helping churches with stewardship campaigns, capital campaigns, and planned giving.

Aboundant helped Horizons with a full site redesign, content editing, SEO, branding guidance, and more. The work on the primary site was phase one, while a second site, Giving 365, is being overhauled as well.

Len Wilson, Communications Strategist at Horizons, worked closely with Aboundant as Horizons’ project manager on the site. Len said, “Aboundant did more than just build a website. They helped Horizons understand its position in the marketplace, make strategic decisions to maximize user experience and SEO, and delivered a product that is both cutting edge in its design and highly useful in its function.”

If your church is ready to launch any kind of financial project, we definitely encourage you to talk with the terrific team at Horizons. They were amazing to work with, and we know you’ll be in great hands! And if your church, nonprofit organization, or business is ready to take a leap forward, we’re ready to partner with you, too.

By Tim Gossett
As the Director of User Experience, I do a variety of things, from sales and marketing to support and SEO services for churches. If any time is left over after that, I do freelance writing in the areas of spirituality, technology, education, picture books for kids, and more.

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