Lifetime Memberships Remaining

The Best Offer in Church Websites. Period.

We’re offering a limited number of lifetime memberships for our Aboundant Transform service.

It’s like paying ahead for 3 years but getting your service for free every year after that.

As we add features and services to the Aboundant Transform level of service, you’ll get those for free too!

Unlike other church website solutions, Aboundant’s flexible, open-source platform will ensure that your tech remains up-to-date and relevant, far into the future.

You simply pay the one-time fee, then you’ll never have to worry about paying again.

All this for just $999

Special Terms and Conditions

A “Lifetime Membership” with Aboundant entitles you to following:

  1. Our Aboundant Transcend tier of service, as described on the site.
    1. For the intent of determining the level of service provided with the Founding Membership, refer to the “Aboundant Premium” level of service.
    2. If the levels of service are changed or adjusted to the extent to where we no longer offer the Aboundant Transform tier of service, then the purchasing organization will be offered the closest remaining service level that retains the highest number of features available in the Aboundant Premium tier.
    3. If the Aboundant Transform tier has features added to it, you will automatically get access to those features.
    4. The Lifetime Membership does not entitle the purchaser to paid add-on features meant to work with the Aboundant Premium Tier.
  2. Lifetime access to our Aboundant Transform (or equivalent service).
    1. Lifetime refers to both the lifetime of the company and to the lifetime of the organization, up to the point in which either of those end.
    2. This is for the lifetime of the purchasing organization and is not transferable to another person or organization without consent from Aboundant.
    3. If at any time, the rights to manage Aboundant sites are bought by another company, ever effort will be made to ensure that they honor the lifetime agreement, though we cannot promise that these terms will be honored by the new organization.
  3. A Minimum Value of Three Years of Service
    1. Aboundant will be liable for a minimum value of $999, or the equivalent of three years of Aboundant Transform service.
    2. If a circumstance prohibits Aboundant from providing at least three years of service, the purchasing party will be credited a prorated amount equal $333 per year of service not delivered.
  4. No Set Maximum Value
    1. Conceivably, an organization could have access to Aboundant for an unlimited amount of time, and thus would continue to receive the value inherent in their Founding Membership.
  5. Termination
    1. If a membership remains inactive, meaning no logins or changes, for a period of one year, Aboundant reserves to right to terminate your lifetime membership in order to recuperate system and administrative resources, though the likelihood of this happening is remote.
    2. The purchaser reserves the right to terminate their Lifetime Membership, though why would they ever want to do that!
  6. Not valid with any other discounts or offers.
  7. All existing terms and conditions still apply.

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