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We Need Your Feedback

by | Dec 5, 2019 | News about Aboundant

Sometimes, your church may just need a little extra help. Maybe it’s because your office staff work limited hours or have limited technical capabilities. Maybe it’s because you want to simply do “digital ministry” more effectively but are already really busy.

Whatever the reasons, we’re considering offering a service that would provide you with access to a “second staff” who could quickly care for tasks such as building ministry pages, updating the events calendar, replacing graphics, improving design, and other website-related services. These services would have an hourly rate and would be billed by the minute. Your feedback will help us know what is needed most.

We also have two quick questions for you about your church’s interest in environmental stewardship, green ministries, energy conservation, and/or solar power.

The questions should take only 3 minutes or so to answer, and your answers are anonymous. To say thanks, at the end of the survey we’ll give you our short guide to setting up, growing, and using facebook groups in your ministry.

Future Services Feedback

  • If we offered a "Second Staff" service, how likely would your church utilize it?
  • If you were to use a "Second Staff" service, how quickly would you typically need such tasks completed?
  • What would be the hourly rate (billed by the minute) that you would expect to pay for such a service?
    Please enter a number from 20 to 85.
  • Whether or not you'd be interested in a "Second Staff" service, which of the following communications and technical tasks do you tend to struggle with the most?
  • Are there other challenges you would add? What are your greatest web and/or communications challenges that you'd like help with? What feedback would you offer that would make a "second staff" program useful to you? Add any comments you wish below.
  • As stewards of God's creation, we're actively working on reducing the carbon footprint of our clients' websites. We're curious about how your church is doing when it comes to "green ministries" (recycling, energy efficiency, local actions, environmental education, community gardens, going solar, etc.)
  • Has your church considered moving to solar power for all or part of its energy needs?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
By Tim Gossett
As the Director of User Experience, I do a variety of things, from sales and marketing to support and SEO services for churches. If any time is left over after that, I do freelance writing in the areas of spirituality, technology, education, picture books for kids, and more.

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